Work Packages

The following list of work packages reflects the state of application. Naturally, all doing changes the conditions of that doing. Moreover, nothing less than a revolution took place in Tunisia. Thus, changes apply. Important updates are marked in red.

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WP.1 Field Studies EU

1.1 Detailed study of QA and certification in the EU
1.2 Workshop in Dresden
(postponed, merged with 1.3, and relocated to Tunis)
1.3 Workshop in Montpellier

(merged with 1.2 and relocated to Tunis)

WP.2 Field Studies Tunisia

2.1 Detailed Study of QA and Certification in Tunisia
2.2 Workshop in Gabès
(relocated to Montpellier)

WP.3 Strategies of Implementation/Networking

3.1 Workshop in Gabès
3.2 Standards for QA and Certification
3.3 Implementation of a Communication Networks

WP.4 Capacity Building, Establishing and Equipping

4.1 Founding/running a center for QA & certification
4.2 Founding and running of service points
4.3 Founding and equipping of two language labs

WP.5 Training of future QA experts

5.1 Training program for QA and certification
5.2 Conduction of seminars on QA and certification

WP.6 Testing

6.1 Workshop in Dresden
6.2 Certification of 16 engineering courses
6.3 Certification of 10 language courses

WP.7 Dissemination

7.1 Website and project publication
7.2 Dissemination in the media
7.3 Concluding conference

WP.8 General Project Management

8.1 Coordination meetings
8.2 General project management

WP.9 Quality Assurance

9.1 Internal Monitoring
9.2 External Monitoring
9.3 External Financial Audits