WP.9 Quality Assurance

Related assumptions and risks:

  • participation of all partners in meetings
  • efficient communication between partners
  • availability of external experts and their readiness to participate

Description of work package: The representatives of all partners form the project-board. The board meets regularly, the meetings of the board are combined with other project activities (e.g. workshops) to keep the costs low. The board is responsible for the continuous progress of the project, especially for the standards of internal evaluation. To ensure the efficiency and success of the project, a peer assessment of the QA & Certification Center will be performed in the last year of the project. Additionally, an external and certified accountant agency will be assigned for financial audits. In order to exchange with other Tempus projects and thus guaranteeing quality assurance and dissemination of the project results, an inter-project coaching will take place in the frame of the project.

9.1 Internal Monitoring

  • reports on the project's progress, edited in in German, Arab, French and English and published on the project website
  • Audits
  • Minutes
  • Six Sigma QA methodology will be used for internal monitoring in order to improve the quality of the deliveries by identifying and removing the causes of defect


9.2 External Monitoring

  • external assessment of the study (WP 1/2), by representatives from HIS (Hochschul-Informations- Systeme GmbH) and from CIEP (Centre international d’Etudes Pédagogiques) before publishing
  • peer assessment of the QA center, by representatives from DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and the CIEP
    inter-project coaching

9.3 External Financial Audits

  • Project financial audits will be effected by an external certified accountant twice during project lifetime
  • The first audit will be carried out in the second project year to provide intermediate feedback on financial administration and to allow for changes and adaptations during the remaining project lifetime
  • The second audit will take place before submitting the Final Report to the European Commission to verify that all data are correct and to facilitate EU financial assessment