WP.8 General Project Management

Related assupmtions and risks:

  • timely financing of the project by EU Commission
  • travels can be arranged as planned (time & costs)
  • commitment of all partners to their assigned tasks
  • stable political and economic situation
  • cooperation of all partners for provision of necessary documentation
  • common understanding of and adherence to Tempus rules by all partners
  • effective communication between all project participants

Description of work package: The contractor for the proposed project is TUD, who will be accountable to the European Commission for the delivery of the project. Within TUD, the European Project Center, which has many years of experience in managing EU-funded projects (especially Tempus), will take responsibility for the legal, financial and administrative aspects of the project:

  • Contract Management: Coordinating of all contract issues between the Grantholder and the EC as well as the consortium members
  • Financial Management: ensuring observation of programme regulations and continuous instructing of all consortium members; setting standards for financial recording and documentation at each participating institution; realisation of cash flows based on the contract between the EC and the Grantholder; review of financial information and update of the budget; preparation and support of auditing
  • Organisation: preparation of travel activities; support and active organisation of dissemination events; organisation of local meetings
  • Risk Management: reconciliation of all priorities between the partners in the partner country/ies in relation to the project objectives and activities; review and update of risks and needs analysis
  • Reporting: preparation of financial reports and progress reports as well as the final audit; recording of administrative issues during project meetings

Next to TUD, Gabès University acts as a sub-coordinator for the Tunisian partners for the advanced communication and the every-day progress of the project.

8.1 Coordination meetings

  • The project schedules 4 coordination meetings that are connected to content-related meetings
  • Coordination meeting will define strategies for the implementation of the project including project activities, finances and the project schedule
  • Furthermore, they will be focused on dissemination and sustainability, quality control and monitoring project’s results and preparation of reports for the EU.


8.2 General project management

To ensure the professional management and control of the proposed projects finances, schedules, reports and audits, a long-term Tempus experienced project manger will take charge of these activities

  • On the operational level the EPC will be supported by the local project coordinator (UNIVGB)
  • As part of this activity it is planned that the project manager and one person from a partner country attend the annual Grantholder meeting in Brussels to exchange information with other Tempus grant holders