WP.1 Field Studies EU

Related assumptions and risks: The consortium reflects a wide range of European HEI and their practice of QA, from strong leading ministries (Czech Republic, France) to a system where governance and QA are transferred to a non political sphere (Germany). The European structures and practices might serve as an orientation for the Tunisian partners but the structural differences have to be kept in mind from the very beginning.

Description of work package: In this working package, the current regulations in the participating EU member states are taken. Starting from an overall picture on quality assurance in Europe in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) and the specific infrastructure of certification in the field of languages with the widely accepted Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and some initiatives for subject specific accreditation in European Engineering programmes like EURO-Ing, its different implementations in the EU member states will be analysed. The situation in other EU partner countries still has to be surveyed. The study will especially focus on the following aspects:

Institutional/System level:

  • the institutional design of HE
  • the actors


Programme level:

  • the given curricula in languages and in engineering


Quality Assurance:

  • given institutions/systems and processes/tools of quality management and quality assurance

1.1 Detailed Study of QA and Certification in the EU

  • Detailed study of QA and certification in the EU
  • Printed and published on the internet


1.2 Kick-off Workshop in Dresden

  • Development of a detailed work plan
  • Gathering existing information and development of a set of aspects to be analysed in the study
  • Update: Due to political reasons, the Kick-off meeting had to be postponed and took place, together with 1.3, in Tunis.


1.3 Workshop in Montpellier

  • Presentation and discussion of the first results of the study focussing on the institutional design of HE, the actors, the given curricula in languages andengineering, given institutions/systems and processes/tools of quality management and quality assurance